The year is 1931. A family of 4 lived happily on their large piece of land in their big mansion, which was located relatively deep in the woods near a thriving small mountain village. The family consisted of: Mary and Jan Jansen (the mother and father), and their son and daughter: Tim And Erida. Jan was a successful archaeologist and Mary a renowned physicist. Mary started working from home when the kids were born, but Jan was still always on his travels in search of the next illusive artifact. Mary also seemed to be homeschooling the kids.

The people in the nearby village loved the Jansen’s, as they supported the town in every way they could. Were it by helping to improve the small hospital and school by giving large donations, or just helping the local bakery out of a jam by lending some money. The people were grateful, but they almost never saw the Jansen’s in town, as they rarely left their secluded home.

So they decided to do something to give back to the family in their own way, by organizing a celebration in the town square in their name. This became a yearly thing, and Mary and Jan always attended the party. But the last time the Jansen’s never came to the party which was strange, because they expected the invitation and they held true to their word before. The towns people tried calling them, but the line was dead. Which wasn’t very uncommon at the time as the phone line cables, as well as the power lines, were suspended of the ground by large poles through the forest. Something as simple as a fallen branch or animal could easily damage the cables. Nevertheless, 2 townsfolk decided to check up on the family. They drove up the winding road to the house, only to discover that the power to the house was also cut, and the entire family had vanished into thin air. The car still in the driveway and nothing had been taken, so they weren’t just on vacation. They were just gone.

There were no clues whatsoever inside the house itself as to what happened to the family, and a 2 week lasting search party in the woods, only found that the phone & power lines had deliberately been cut, a little distance from the house. They couldn’t exactly put a time stamp on it, so they couldn’t tell how long ago the family had gone missing.In the years to follow a few strange sightings had been reported at the mansion by people camping near the house, and a few kids daring each other to go into the “mystery” or “haunted” house.

This sparked a few investigations but they always came back empty handed. These sightings were also never proven.According to the eyewitnesses of the strange sightings, they saw “A bright blue light shined through the windows as it seemed to be moving from room to room”. or “A strange humming/ buzzing noise near the house”. And some lost hikers said “We saw a man moving around the house gardens, but he didn’t react to us when we called for him to wait to ask for directions. He vanished before we could reach him”. The people that actually went inside of the house, reported similar things like the blue light and the noise, but they also said they felt like they were being chased out of the house by someone or something that didn’t seem to want them there, by a way of moving things around and things that seemed to disappear when left unattended for a few minutes. Another strange thing that has been bugging people investigating this event, was that over the years after the disappearance until now, someone had been maintaining the mansions garden, and the same person also seemed to keep the house from falling to far in decay. Apparently no one in town seems to be doing this, if we can believe their word for it. Maybe they are just trying to fuel the “hype” that is the mystery mansion, so it brings more curious people to the town.

This is where you come in. You are a paranormal enthusiast, and you are a member of a forum with like minded people who post al kind of urban legends, and take pictures to share them on the forums just for the thrill of it. The story about the Jansen’s, that happened many years before your time catches your attention and you decide to do some investigating yourself as the mansion seems to be only a few hours’ drive away. You decide to go there to take some pictures and maybe even see the blue light for yourself! This would be amazing to put on the forum. You have done this “mystery place visiting” before, so this is nothing new, but never so deep in the woods and never with the possibility that someone is still lingering around the house.

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